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Founded in Montreal in 2011, NanoXplore initially provided service R&D for carbon based technologies. In December, 2013 the company filed its first graphene production patent and in 2014 began to focus on graphene production and materials. During this period, the NanoXplore team developed its unique production platform, filed 3 additional patents, scaled production from grams to kilograms, and began working with customers to provide graphene-based solutions. In 2015, a marketing subsidiary – NanoXplore GmbH – was established in Germany and NanoXplore started to target graphene-enhanced polymers for engineering plastics with enhanced electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties.

NanoXplore provides customers with a range of graphene based solutions under the heXo-G brand including:

  • graphene-enhanced polymers, including plastic master batches in pellet form;
  • few layer graphene powder; and custom graphene solutions.



About Us

We are a team of seasoned business leaders and material scientists with the broad industrial experience required to develop customer-specific solutions to enable customers to achieve significant product improvements with very little added graphene. This integration capability sets us apart from other graphene producers.



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