Graphene is an incredibly versatile 2D carbon material with applications in almost every field of technology. In the book “Graphene Technology: From Laboratory to Fabrication,” Dr. Soroush Nazarpour stated that “the range of potential applications for graphene and other 2D materials is limited only by one's imagination.” ISBN: 978-3-527-33833-7 Some of the unique properties of graphene are: 300 times stronger than steel 100 time more conductive than copper Hydrophobic Highest thermal transfer material available Formable into multiple alloys and compounds Improves on graphite properties

Custom Solutions - NanoXplore’s Application Advantage


Depending on the requirements of each target application, it is important to be able to tune the dimensions and properties of the graphene material.



Larger flakes generally provide better barrier and surface protection. NanoXplore heXo-G flake diameters range from 100 nm to 10 microns depending upon grade.



NanoXplore produces heXo-G few layer graphene powder or flakes, with thicknesses between 1 and 5 layers. Thinner Graphene materials (< 6 layers) preserve much of the good properties of graphene (e.g., thermal and electrical conductivity, strength) whereas nano-platelets (generally small diameter platelets in thin, tall stacks over 6 layers) have noticeably poorer properties.


Edge Functionalization

The benefits of graphene in a composite depend to a large extent on how well the graphene mixes or dissolves in the composite matrix (i.e., the extent to which strong chemical bonding occurs between graphene and the composite matrix). To achieve a high rate of solubility, graphene requires functionalization, or appropriate molecular structures bonded to the graphene and available to matrix material. NanoXplore’s production process creates, during production, a range of available molecular groups on the heXo-G flake edges available for bonding, and these groups promote mixing. Since these functional groups are on the edges and not the surface of the graphene, the graphene maintains the good properties of graphene while achieving near perfect mixing.


NanoXplore works with customers to help them select the graphene products most suitable for their requirements.


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