Composite Materials

Composites are made from two or more materials combined together to create a new material with characteristics different from the individual components. The goal is to create a new material with improved performance in some aspect such as strength, weight or cost.

Graphene, with its unprecedented array of excellent material characteristics, is a natural candidate for use in advanced composite materials.

Leading candidates for graphene-based composites include structural and skin components for airplanes, cars, boats and spacecraft.  In these applications, graphene can be used to:

- Increase thermal conductivity and dimensional stability,

- Increase electrical conductivity

- Improve barrier properties

- Reduce component mass while maintaining or improving strength

- Increase stiffness and toughness (impact strength)

- Improve surface appearance (scratch, stain and mark resistance)

- Increase flame resistance.

Graphene, a true multi-functional material, is an ideal component for composite applications where several improvements are required simultaneously. Significant cost savings, both in terms of material inputs and processing, can be achieved by replacing several existing materials by one, graphene.

NanoXplore’s products are especially appropriate in material composites requiring improved:

Mechanical/structural properties

Thermal and/or electrical conductivity

Wear resistant and long lasting surface properties

Anti-corrosion and anti-erosion properties, particularly under dynamic loads

Electromagnetic shielding.


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