Energy Sector

Graphene-based nanomaterials applications hold the promise of many great improvements  in energy-related fields, such as:


Improving both energy capacity and charge rates in rechargeable batteries

Improving the conductivity of super-capacitors

Improving the conductivity and durability of catalytic system membranes  in hydrogen systems for automotive and grid storage applications

Enabling transparent and flexible electrodes for making solar cells that are inexpensive, lightweight and manufactured using roll-to-roll techniques


NanoXplore’s graphene is especially suited to electrode-based energy solutions and specifically, for improving the performance of Li-ion anodes. Current Li-ion anodes are made from graphite while new generation anodes are being fabricated from composites such as silicon-carbon.

Graphene composite anodes, fabricated using a composite of graphene and metals, oxides or polymers, have demonstrated even better performance in the areas of power density, energy density, and battery cycle life.

Graphene composites often provide production advantages while also helping to address the overheating and swelling problems experienced by advanced battery cells.

NanoXplore’s graphene powder has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and its ability to mix and form composites with a wide range of other materials, creates many opportunities to improve the performance of Li-ion batteries.


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