Graphene Enhanced Polymers

Today, NanoXplore is manufacturing graphene-enhanced polymers in response to customer interest in engineering plastics with enhanced electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. NanoXplore can:

- increase the thermal conductivity of plastics dramatically (up to 5 times) by adding less than 0.1 weight% graphene, without impacting electrical conductivity.

- significant improve mechanical strength of polymers, particularly for fracture toughness and abrasion resistance.

- provide graphene enhanced plastic pellets, including master batches.


NanoXplore’s ability to tailor the final properties of polymers by adding trace amounts of graphene, paves the way for graphene-enhanced polymers in real-world products.


Graphene Enhanced Engineering Plastics

In many industries, customers want to replace metals with engineering plastics. Plastics are light weight, their high toughness simplifies integration, they are relatively easy to shape using molding and/or 3D printing approaches, and resulting materials do not rust. However, replacing metals with plastics requires improved the plastics’ electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of plastics.

Small loadings of graphene greatly improves the performance of plastics but the graphene must be of exceptionally high quality, must be easily dispersible in polymers, and must be available in large quantities at industrially sensible prices. NanoXplore’s unique heXo-G graphene technology meets all of these criteria.


Graphene Enhanced Pellets & Master Batches

NanoXplore offers customers graphene enhanced polymers in pellets; the customers are familiar with this form factor and there are well known and minimal costs to incorporate the pellets into their plastic forming processes (e.g., blow molding, injection molding, thermoforming). No longer do industrial customers need to think about mixing graphene powder into their existing processes.

NanoXplore also offers master batches with graphene loadings up to 15% by weight to minimize shipping, storage and handling costs. With enhanced master batches in pellet form, graphene is finally ready to be adopted broadly by customers in the plastic industry.





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