Thermal Management

NanoXplore produces graphene and related composites used to improve material performance across a wide range of industries. Graphene-polymer composites are particularly interesting as the addition of very small amounts of graphene can dramatically improve the properties of the base polymer.

A thermally conductive polymer composite provides unique opportunities to form complex, light weight, three-dimensional and eco-friendly objects and devices. For example, microelectronic enclosures, passive heat sinks with complex shapes, and novel electrical motor casings, all with superior heat dissipation performance, can be created. As seen from Table 1, NanoXplore’s graphene has a significant impact on the thermal conductivity of different polymers.

Table 1. NanoXplore graphene improves polymer thermal conductivity

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) The demand for innovative thermal management materials and adhesives is driven by unwanted heat generated by ever-shrinking electronic components and systems in all areas of the electronics market, including aerospace, automotive, consumer, communications, industrial, medical, and military. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in new and advanced materials for thermal interface materials (TIM) and heat conduction.

Important factors to consider when selecting a thermal interface material (TIM) are:

  • a high, thermally conductive interface material that is as thin as possible;
  • a material that forms an excellent thermal interface with a wide range of materials;
  • a material that eliminates voids or air pockets between the heat generating device surface and the heat sink surface.

Graphene with its superior electrical conductivity, and ultra-low interfacial thermal resistance between graphene and metal, is an ideal TIM candidate. NanoXplore’s heXo-G is especially suitable for thermal management applications because of its excellent thermal conductivity and the fact that its edge activation allows it to mix easily with other materials such as existing TIM materials.


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