Group NanoXplore Inc.

Seasoned business leaders and material scientists dedicated to improving customer outcomes by developing and deploying cost-effective graphene solutions.

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NanoXplore answers your technical challenges

More than just a graphene producer, NanoXplore provides solutions based upon the integration of graphene and related materials into its customers products and processes.

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Group NanoXplore Inc. manufactures graphene and graphene composites from large flake graphite using an innovative exfoliation process. Environmentally friendly, the process solves typical production challenges and is scalable to tonnes per month with very modest capital equipment and operating costs. NanoXplore offers a full range of composites including metal-graphene and metal oxide-graphene products.

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  • 01Group in news again

    NanoXplore has developed a proprietary low cost method to convert natural flake graphite into graphene. Posted on July 30, 2014 by Alessandro Bruno  For more,  go to Si
  • 02Group in the news

    NanoXplore is in the spotlight of Canadian Paint and Coatings Association’s Prime Time News, Vol. 8, No. 6 (June 2014). For more, go to CPCA Prime Time News

    Group NanoXplore to host FOTOCAT EUREKA Project Meeting at its headquarters in  Montreal on October 23rd-24th, 2014.  International collaborators will review progress of the FOTOCAT project which
  • 04CEO Nominated

    Group NanoXplore is pleased to announce that its President & CEO Soroush Nazarpour is one of the 4 Finalists to receive the Peter Brojde Award for Canada’s Next


Welcome to Group NanoXplore Inc., a Canadian graphene producer.

NanoXplore produces low-cost, economically scalable, pristine graphene from graphite flake using a unique, proprietary and robust production technology. With a clear path to high-volume and low-cost production (metric tonnes of material monthly, at dollars per gram) NanoXplore targets applications previously impracticable due to cost, opening vast new market opportunities.


Expertise in materials, material processes and industrial integration.

NanoXplore produces graphene and a range of graphene composites (metals, metal oxides, polymers). Our proprietary process creates edge functionalized graphene without additional process steps or complexity, allowing for unparalleled integration with a broad range of industrial materials. The NanoXplore team has the industrial experience to help customers improve their products through integration of graphene across a wide array of industries and applications.


NanoXplore enables the incorporation of Graphene into several industries

NanoXplore manufactures high-quality graphene and related materials (graphene oxide, doped graphene) directly from high-quality flake graphite as well as a wide range of graphene composites (metals, metal oxides, polymers). NanoXplore’s initial focus is on applications where graphene provides significant added value and bulk quantities of high-quality graphene provide a competitive advantage. Near term opportunities are in industries such as paints and lubricants, textiles, and energy.