the most electrically and thermally conductive material ever known. 

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NanoXplore Answers your technical challenges


More than just a Graphene producer, NanoXplore provides solutions to our customers problems, solutions based upon integration of Graphene and related materials into our customers’ products and processes,






Paper-thin cell phones, e-readers, and batteries are just some of the innovative products on the horizon, thanks to a revolutionary, disruptive wonder material, “Graphene”.  NanoXplore is creating a world-leading graphene research, development and production company based upon proprietary technology for manufacturing economically scalable graphene and our ability to bring the resulting material to a wide array of Graphene applications.   NanoXplore enables a wide range of new products and market applications with high-quality and low-cost “Graphene”, “Graphene Oxide”, and “Expanded Graphite”.


  • 01Nano Magazine

    NanoXplore has been mentioned in 2013 Graphene end of year review of Nanotech Magazine and here is NanoXplore's article on graphene technology and commercialization.
  • 02 NXE INRS

    NanoXplore and INRS-EMT started their collaboration to bring the next generation of low cost and high efficient solar cells.
  • 03 Foto Cat

    NanoXplore participates in a European Union funded project to develop Nanostructured photocatalytic textiles using Graphene.
  • 04 OurOffice

    NanoXplore is allocated in the Montreal, Quebec. Our laboratories are equipped with high tech characterization and fabrication equipments with access to clean room facilities and advanced characterization


Welcome to the webpage of Group NanoXplore Inc., a Canadian Graphene producer.

As one of the leading Graphene producers in Canada, NanoXplore serves industries, scientists, and health and information professionals worldwide. We provide our clients with high quality Graphene and techniques to integrate these materials into our clients products to make high-throughput devices, enhance productivity and improve outcomes.


NanoXplore's scientific board consists of leading national and international researchers.

NanoXplore produces Graphene and its derivative materials such as Graphene oxide and doped Graphene directly from flake Graphite. Our proprietary recipe to manufacture Graphene directly from flake graphite is scalable, safe, green, and low cost, and will provide a sustainable advantage as we continue to grow.


NanoXplore enables the incorporation of Graphene into several industries

We assist our customers to enhance the quality of their products through integration of Graphene and related materials. Several industries are of particular interest such as renewable energy, sensing, aerospace, automotive, smart packaging and RFID, electromagnetic shielding, smart textiles and anti-corrosive coatings.