carbon technology

Our Carbon Technology Group specializes in the sale of our signature graphene powder GrapheneBlack™. We leverage our patented-proprietary clean-technology to provide customers with a range of graphene-based solutions. Our products include GrapheneBlack™ powder and graphene-enhanced masterbatch pellets using our extrusion capabilities that support various polymers.

GrapheneBlack™ is a highly versatile graphene powder suitable for various customer applications. GrapheneBlack™ powder has been optimized to provide the best balance of mixability and manufacturability. This allows NanoXplore to focus on increasing the commercial viability of graphene while passing on our cost savings to our customers. Even though GrapheneBlack™ powder is suitable for a wide range of applications, it is especially useful for improving the properties of plastics and polymers.

In April 2020, NanoXplore announced the creation of its own graphene battery initiative. This initiative represents over five years of R&D development that has been achieved internally and in collaboration with partners. Our Carbon Technology Group has secured a strong IP portfolio and know-how within multiple graphene battery applications. More specifically, our focus is on adding GrapheneBlack™ to current Li-ion chemistries in silicon-enabled Li-ion anodes to improve energy capacity and charging speeds. The potential end-markets of these graphene-enhanced batteries can be applied to electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and electric trucks and buses. To progress further with this initiative, the company plans to create a dedicated graphene battery R&D laboratory to support a pre-feasibility plan in creating a pilot line to produce graphene-enhanced anodes and Li-ion batteries. We believe our low-cost graphene production technology enables us to potentially remove spherical graphite from Li-ion battery anodes. This price advantage will help remove cost bottlenecks for the commercial adoption of graphene within the battery supply chain.

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