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Established in 2011, NanoXplore’s headquarters are located in Montréal, Quebec. This location is also the site of the company’s 4,000-metric tons per year graphene powder production facility designed with a modular structure. Our company’s highly qualified Research and Product Development team is supported by a fully equipped material characterization and test laboratory. Our team has specific expertise in the development and formulation of graphene-based solutions as an additive to improve the performance of industrial materials within thermoplastics and thermosets. Our graphene powder production facility is complimented with extrusion capabilities for creating graphene-enhanced masterbatches in polyolefins and engineered polymers.

Graphene is a non-carcinogenic material. We leverage our patented proprietary clean-technology to provide customers with a range of graphene-based solutions including GrapheneBlack™ powder and graphene-enhanced masterbatch pellets. Through recent acquisitions, our composites business group provides standard and custom plastic and composite products to various customers in transportation, packaging, electronics, and other industrial sectors. We are proud to offer our customers a sustainable alternative to other carbon additives that have a negative footprint on our environment.

We are a publicly traded company on the TSX in Canada and the OTCQX Best Markets Exchange in the US, under the symbols “GRA” and “NNXPF”, respectively.


Our vision is to create a better tomorrow by providing innovative, sustainable products and solutions across multiple industries and applications.


Our mission is to empower our people within a business framework committed to enhancing performance through carbon chemistry – enabling superior results for our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders, our community, and our environment.


Bringing New Technologies to Everyday Use

  • We go beyond the ordinary to innovate and provide sustainable solutions
  • We combine our many years of experience with state-of-the-art technology and methodologies to continuously improve our products
  • We are committed to bring the best in class technology and processes to our customers at a lower cost without sacrificing quality

Being a Responsible Corporate Citizen

  • We are professional and honest in our working relationships
  • We have the utmost respect for the environment
  • We strive for equality and fairness in our decision making and in our treatment of one another
  • We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and performance standards

Offering Long-term Investment Returns to Our Shareholders

  • We are focused on improving our financial performance by working with the right customers and offering them differentiated products and solutions
  • We value productivity and lean manufacturing practices to achieve lower cost and improve returns by optimizing the use of our assets
  • We are honest and transparent in our relationship with our shareholders and stakeholders

GrapheneBlack™ is a highly versatile, graphene powder

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Our greatest strength is at the core of our clean-technology

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Our Composite Group consists of three separate divisions.

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